October 1, 2020

The Depth of Beauty

At Wipe Every Tear, we believe that as reflections of our Creator, we steward different facets of God’s character- kindness, humbleness, creativity, and so much more! This is a foundation that propels the jewelry business that employs the women in Wipe Every Tear’s care- Tayo Collective. 

Through Tayo, the women in Wipe Every Tear’s care have the opportunity to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that restore dignity, reaffirm the truths of her character, offer employment to compliment her college degree, and allow her to provide further for her family. The beauty within her heart is reflected through the work of her hands. By offering real job opportunities that honor the fullness of her character, she is empowered to become all that she was created to be. 

Honoring these artisans is more than just words - it is tangibly applying these values: 

-To call her smart is to offer her work that applies her knowledge and the opportunity to innovate new products. 

-To call her worthy is to pay her wages that are fair to the work she is producing.  These artistic pieces allow her to take home a livable wage to provide for her family.

-To call her capable is to empower her to use her skills to contribute to a larger vision. She is an valuable part of the team. 

-To call her employable is to train her as a gainfully employed entrepreneur that adds value to the business world.  

-To call her beautiful is to give her opportunities to create jewelry that emphasizes the beauty that has been implemented in her- made from real gold, sterling silver, and genuine pearls. She is the pearl of great price.

-To call her loved is to reiterate that this is all for her- no strings attached. 

The restoration that Jesus is cultivating within each of these women is solidified through the truths that she is intrinsically, worthy, and beloved. Each woman deserves the ability to use her creativity to reflect the vast amounts of beauty that the Father has instilled in her. It is an honor to see these artisans learn, grow, and prosper through their time with Tayo Collective. They can now look at their work and proudly smile. 

-Elizabeth Friend, Sponsorship Coordinator

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