20/20 gathering

It’s time for trafficked women around the world to be completely set free. God will open our eyes like never before.

A new thing is happening in the earth; God is releasing vision over the nations. Join an international Gathering of people moved by fresh strategies to bring deep restoration: from poverty to complete transformation. A new paradigm is bringing women from trafficked to empowered, from bar girl to business woman, from ashes to beauty. Women are being totally set free! Let’s come together in the Philippines to receive more of what God is doing.
The 20/20 Gathering features teaching and impartation from leaders engaged in setting captives free, worship, and a move of heaven to bring restoration to those caught in sex trafficking. You will see how God is actively moving by hearing the true stories of women who have been set free from sexual exploitation and encountered the transformative love of Jesus. We will gather in Angeles City, Philippines during March 11-13, 2020 from 5-9 pm at the SM Clark Cinema to experience God's heart for the poor and exploited.
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Heidi Baker
Iris Global 

Heidi is a Christian missionary and with her husband Rolland, co-founder of Iris Global and the author of several books. Together with Rolland, Heidi founded Iris Global in 1980, a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to Jesus and service, especially among the poor. After twelve years ministering in Asia, they went to London to complete their doctoral degrees at King's College. In 1995 the Baker’s started ministering to poor and homeless children in Mozambique. Beginning with nothing, the ministry has expanded to include well-drilling, free health clinics, feeding programs, primary and secondary schools, cottage industries, 5000 churches in Mozambique and a total of over 8,000 churches in over 20 nations. There are multiple Iris 'bases' with Bible schools, as well as community outreaches and top-ranked public schools. The core value and message of the Baker’s ministry is showing God's love by stopping for the one.

Kenny Sacht
Wipe Every Tear Founder

Kenny is frequently found worshipping with all of his might, loving his precious bride, DA, or holding one of his grandbabies. Kenny is a Kingdom dreamer who seeks God’s vision and ushers in profound joy everywhere he goes. His love for God, people, and his passion for true restoration of hearts fuels everything Wipe Every Tear does. Kenny, together with Rebecca Angeles, leads the largest holistic ministry for women affected by the sex trade in the Philippines.

Rebecca Angeles
 Wipe Every Tear Philippines Director

Rebecca, lovingly known as Mama Becks, is beautifully unique in every way. She leads by example and is a true woman of faith. Because she said yes to God, countless others are experiencing newfound freedom. Rebecca is a pioneer whose vision to educate women trafficked in the sex trade has brought complete transformation and empowerment to many women. Thousands of women will be rescued, restored, and set free because of her maternal and bold spirit.

Pastors Jerome (PJ) and Daisy Calderon
Church So Blessed Pastors 

PJ and his wife Daisy lead a church plant of Church So Blessed in Metro Manila, Philippines. They are actively involved in outreach, discipleship, and doing life with formerly trafficked women as an outpouring of their love for Jesus. Church So Blessed believes that local, intimate church plants are one of the most effective ways of bringing souls to Christ. They faithfully believe that God has called all of us to bring His gospel by spreading His glory to the ends of the earth. Daisy and Peej share the love of Jesus in their community with humility, courage, and honor.

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Vision Trip Travel Info

The Gathering Vision Trip will be very significant and special. We believe it will be like no other vision trip that we have hosted!

This trip will include being a part of the 20/20 Gathering, as well as offering women still trapped in the bars hope and the opportunity to come on a Getaway vacation! Getaways are one of the most effective ways for women to trust us. We believe that this time, partnered with what God will release during the Gathering, will bring many women into freedom!
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Individual Travel Info

Traveling on your own to the Gathering is more than welcome, especially if you have visited the Philippines before. Click on this info guide to help plan your visit. Safe travels in Jesus' name!
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Local Travel Info

Welcome, Filipino friends! We are honored to host this Gathering in Pampanga, Philippines. Your nation is very dear to the heart of the Father. For info on traveling to Angeles City, please click on this info guide to help plan your time at the 2020 Gathering. Ingat po!
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