Every Woman Deserves Freedom

From safe places to call home, to education and discipleship, Wipe Every Tear exists to give women the opportunity to have their lives fully restored.

Together, We Can Change Her World




Help Change Her World

Wipe Every Tear Exists to Bring
Freedom, Hope, and a Future to Those Trafficked in the Sex Trade

Create a Legacy With Us

Propel freedom with an outreach of hope, empowerment through education, and refuge of a healthy home.

Hope Revive

Provide the resources for meal outreach to women still trapped in exploitation.

Heart Revive

Empower a woman's education that will lead her out of poverty and into the dreams of her heart.

House Revive

Safe home sponsorship provides a place of freedom and refuge. Provide all that a woman and her children need to be truly set free.

Create a Legacy

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Run to restore

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You Are a Part of Her Story

TAYO is the story of community ownership, a gathering of women that stand firm together in unending freedoms. They are empowered, equipped, and committed to living a life that brings freedom and hope to far corners of the globe. A TAYO woman is committed to the success of each artisan to rise up, to stand, and together, they will build powerful and sustainable futures.

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