January 13, 2021

Ali's Testimony

When Wipe Every Tear began a food relief program in March, we couldn’t have anticipated the effect it would have on bargirls and scholars alike. Women from all walks of life were being given new hope and freedom!

Ali, a Wipe Every Tear scholar, is one of the many women that has been deeply impacted. She is a 21 year old single mother. After almost 4 years with Wipe Every Tear, she is about to graduate with a college degree in Business Administration! When Ali heard about the COVID closures, she attempted to return to her province to be with her daughter. She was deeply saddened when her flight was cancelled, leaving her stuck in Angeles City.

In order to make the most of the time she had been given, she chose to volunteer with the food relief program. She felt as though this was an answered prayer - a way for her to serve her fellow sisters through new avenues such as counseling and relief services. Although incredibly nervous, she boldly said “yes” to the plans of the Father!

While waiting to meet with the first bargirl, Ali was so nervous that she was shaking and sweating. She shared her testimony, saying that she used to be a bargirl too and now she was about to graduate from college! Her ability to empathize with their situation created genuine connections and fostered deep levels of trust. As she prayed, the Lord guided each of her conversations, allowing her to uniquely minister to each woman.

Ali’s encouragement to the women often sounded like,

“Even in the midst of this crisis,
you are precious,
you matter,
you are seen,
you are remembered, and
God has a great plan for your life.
He loves you.”

Truly, God is so good! He raises His people to be an instrument to their own nations. It is an honor to share in Ali’s journey as she experiences new freedom, confidence, and hope in Jesus. Praise the Lord that His plans are abundantly greater than we could ever fathom.

I am so blessed that I was able to volunteer and experience serving my fellow sisters. This is the reason God didn’t allow me to go home to my province, in order for me to be a help in the food distribution, to share my life story, and the most important thing is by sharing God’s miracles in my life. God had equipped me to minister to them to be of help to my Wipe Every Tear family, and I’m so grateful for the wisdom and knowledge they imparted into my life. Now I’m able to use and share it with the people that I meet and am going to meet in the future”. - Ali*

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