I want to Help Rescue These Precious Girls

It’s time for trafficked women around the world to be completely set free. God will open our eyes like never before.

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The Gathering Vision Trip will be very significant and special. We believe it will be like no other vision trip that we have hosted!

This trip will include being a part of the 20/20 Gathering, as well as offering women still trapped in the bars hope and the opportunity to come on a Getaway vacation! Getaways are one of the most effective ways for women to trust us. We believe that this time, partnered with what God will release during the Gathering, will bring many women into freedom!
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Traveling on your own to the Gathering is more than welcome, especially if you have visited the Philippines before. Click on this info guide to help plan your visit. Safe travels in Jesus' name!
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Welcome, Filipino friends! We are honored to host this Gathering in Pampanga, Philippines. Your nation is very dear to the heart of the Father. For info on traveling to Angeles City, please click on this info guide to help plan your time at the 2020 Gathering. Ingat po!
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