TAYO is a Tagalog word meaning, “to help stand,” “to build,” and is also the pronoun for “we.” TAYO means exactly what we do: we help our women stand, by building them up, together as a family.
To stand. To build. Together.

TAYO is the story of community ownership, a gathering of women that stand firm together in unending freedoms. They are empowered, equipped, and committed to living a life that brings freedom and hope to far corners of the globe. A TAYO woman is committed to the success of each artisan to rise up, to stand, and together, they will build powerful and sustainable futures.

We are far more than a social enterprise, though that is what we functionally do. In a more accurate sense, we are in the business of inviting community into the restoration and empowerment of our women as they write new stories of hope and freedom.


You are a part of her story.

Every purchase is partnership for continued restoration, hope, and dignity.