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Wipe Every Tear started in a high school teacher’s classroom. As a basketball coach and father, Kenny Sacht’s heart broke during a 2007 summer mission trip with his students during a basketball outreach held in a Philippine slum. Afterward, he and his wife decided to help one impoverished girl he’d met during that time. One girl quickly became four. In 2012, Kenny quit his teaching job to dedicate all of his time to the formation of Wipe Every Tear. Our first safe house, called Hope House, was purchased and Rebecca Angeles became our Filipina Director. More women were welcomed into Hope House where they experienced freedom, security, warm meals, education, and discipleship. Through this simple act of providing a loving home, women’s lives are continuing to be restored to this day.

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Josh & Concilia Warber

Missionaries, Philippines

Josh and Concilia met in Zambia. They got married in Zambia when Josh went to be a missionary there. Josh graduated from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor of Science, and Concilia graduated from Global Ministries Bible Institute with a diploma in Christian Ministry. After watching a powerful documentary called “Nefarious”, they both started talking about God’s heart for His girls! They had seen all the horrible ways girls are trafficked in the third world and looked at each other then said “we have to do something”! The rest is history! They love the Philippines, it’s people, and serving with Wipe Every Tear!

Annamaria Smith

USA Team Member

Hi! My name is Annamaria and I was raised in beautiful Colorado! I was adopted from Manila, Philippines when I was a baby and have lived in Denver until now! I love to sing, cook (especially Filipino food), and love going on adventures with friends. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor's in communication and a minor in music and classical voice. I am so honored to be a part of Wipe Every Tear and to experience this ministry both from a Filipina and American perspective and heart. Via Cristo Rey!

Patty Bagason

Admin Assistant, Philippines

Patty is such a dear member of our family. She is filled with the peace of Jesus. Patty's sweet spirit makes her a quick friend to many! She is filled with gratitude and walks through each day with childlike faith. We are so grateful for this amazing woman!

Michelle Oli

Education Assistant, Philippines

Ate Michelle brings tangible joy into the room, whether that's stepping into a bar for outreach or hosting games with the women in our care. No one makes us laugh like Michelle does! Her motherly instincts bring comfort to all she meets. She is a worshipper of Jesus, and her love for Him overflows into everything she does!

Breanna Alverson

Trip Host, Philippines

Bre’s journey with Wipe Every Tear began in 2012, where as a teenager she participated in one of the first ever Vision Trips! She comes to us now, after a long wait through Covid, with a heart full of love for the women in our care and those we need to reach. We are so grateful for Bre’s warm spirit and infectious joy.

Karissa Valdes

Communications Coordinator, Philippines

In 2017, God revealed His heart for His children trapped in captivity to Karissa. Months later, she joined our Filipino staff just three days after graduating college. When you get to know her, you will find that she has such a big heart for others and a desire for them to feel the Father’s love. She brings radiant joy, love and childlike faith to our team.

Rebecca Angeles

Director, Philippines

Rebecca, lovingly known as Mama Becks, is beautifully unique in every way. She leads by example and is a true woman of faith. Because she said yes to God, countless others are experiencing newfound freedom. Thousands of women will be rescued, restored, and set free because of her maternal and bold spirit. We are so thankful for her.

Kenny Sacht

Founder/Director, USA

If he isn’t in the Wipe Every Tear office, you can find him loving his precious bride, DA, holding one of his grandbabies, or praying and worshiping God. Kenny is a Kingdom dreamer who seeks God’s vision and ushers in profound joy everywhere he goes. His love for God, people, and his passion for true restoration of hearts fuels everything Wipe Every Tear does.

Lalyn Asuero

Outreach Coordinator, Philippines

Known for her humor and wit, Lalyn carries life and hope everywhere she goes. She lives a life of abandonment and service. As a respected leader, she has cultivated Wipe Every Tear to be a place of refuge. Lalyn's nurturing spirit welcomes women from the bars into a loving family.

Mak Silvano

Bookkeeper, Philippines

Mak’s gentle spirit allows her to develop deep sister-like bonds with each girl that comes into our care. Her creativity inspires our girls to express themselves through art and music. Mak’s diligence is greatly appreciated by our team and significantly impacts our girls.

Luna Ramilo

Education Coordinator, Philippines

Luna is such a joyful addition to our team! Her laugh is contagious and all of our girls feel right at home beside her. Her knowledge of education allows each of our girls to get the help they need to thrive in school. We are so thankful for Luna!

Ditas Leonardo

Social Worker, Philippines

Tita (Aunt) Ditas is the answer to many years of prayer. Ditas lives each day with gratitude, asking the Lord, with every step, where she should serve. She is a safe refuge for women coming into our care. She quickly became an invaluable member of our team. We don’t know what we would do without her!

Jorelli Torres

Livelihood Coordinator, Philippines

We are so grateful for Jorelli’s prayerful, powerful spirit. Jorelli is an initiator and motivator who deeply cares for our women. She loves to empower and help them achieve their greatest potential. We’re so thankful for her “yes” to the call of Jesus.