Vision Trips

What can I expect?

Expect the unexpected! By introducing trip members to all facets of Wipe Every Tear’s ministry, you will experience the full scope of what God is doing in the Philippines. This is why it is a “Vision Trip.” You will gain a great understanding of Wipe Every Tear’s mission to free and restore women trapped in the sex trade by spending a large amount of time reaching out to those caught in places most people may not dare go – bars supporting sex trafficking. You will also spend time building relationships with the incredible women in our care, and partnering with our friends in urban poor communities. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to share and discover more of the Lord’s heart to free and redeem all of His people.

How long are vision trips?

Most of our vision trips are about ten days on the ground in the Philippines, however, each trip may vary in length.

What is included in the cost of a trip?

All meals
In-country fees
Travel health insurance (Up to $1M in coverage, $0 deductible)
All ground transportation costs
Group meals for the team plus the women in our care
Blessing our women and overseas staff
Blessing our partners in the Philippines

How do I raise funds for the trip?

All trip funds are managed through our donation platform, Kindful. On this website, which will be set up for you, your donors can securely give financial support to your trip through your personal support page. Your page may be personalized to you, and we highly encourage sharing the link via social media. Kindful is very user-friendly, and provides easy email receipts and tax summaries to donors. We recommend raising support through personal conversations, social media, letters, and other creative means. You may raise support however you choose. If you choose not to fundraise support, you will still deposit all trip funds onto your Kindful page.

Do I book my own flights?

No, you do not need to worry about your flights. Your Wipe Every Tear trip coordinator and our travel agent will work diligently to book both your local and international flight. If you begin your trip from a city in the USA, we typically meet in a city on the west coast for a joint team departure to the Philippines. All flight costs will be deducted from your Kindful account. Keep in mind that domestic flights in the US will have various costs depending on your location in the US. Typically, a domestic flight costs between $200-$500. International flights typically cost between $900-$1,600.

Are there safety concerns in the Philippines?

When traveling anywhere overseas, especially a developing nation, there is always a risk. We operate outside of downtown Manila, and in the countryside of Luzon Island. To date, we have not experienced any major incidents of hostility or serious safety concerns. There have not been any reported cases of terrorism or warfare activity anywhere near our areas of operation. Should any problems arise, we will always heed the wisdom and leadings of the Holy Spirit, our directors, and local authorities.

We hope this helps answer any preliminary questions you may have about a Wipe Every Tear Vision Trip. We pray, as you will join hands with us, that God blesses you so very much!