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Inner Healing

Facilitate inner healing of women rescued from the sex trade through approved curriculum or varied healing ministry approaches.

Sponsorship Management

Develop, create, and maintain our sponsorship program for rescued women’s restoration and schooling. Facilitate sponsor updates.

Education Development/Tutor

Tutor rescued women in various academic disciplines. Help disciple women along their academic journey toward success.

Worship Leader/Music Teacher

Lead nightly worship sessions and help with musical instrument training and voice coaching. Inspire songwriting and an environment of creative expressions of worship.

Early Childhood Education

Develop an early childhood education program in addition to providing a biblical foundation for the children of Wipe Every Tear.

Social Worker

Assist local social worker with case management intake and follow-up evaluations documentation. Help provide access to mental, physical, and emotional health care to ensure the success of each Wipe Every Tear woman.

Property Maintenance

Maintain safe houses, including plumbing, extermination, landscape, and general work orders. Inspect and approve new properties for expansion.

Boise, Idaho, USA

Sponsorship Coordinator

Advocate for Wipe Every Tear full-time in the Treasure Valley community and beyond to catalyze the community into giving. Obtain sponsorships for our fundraising events. Engage with local businesses and network to expand the financial partnerships of Wipe Every Tear. 


Maintain an up-to-date and vibrant website, and curate content to expand the reach of Wipe Every Tear. Take and create videos to expand our message. Create ready-to-go informational documents and graphics to share with the community and social media platforms. 

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