“We Are Not ‘Prostitutes’…”

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By: Kenny Sacht With long tears, Emily cried, “When walking down the street of Angeles City, they look at us as if we have a banner across our forehead saying ‘PROSTITUTE”, but WE ARE NOT. They don’t know why we are here. They don’t know our story…” We at Wipe Every Tear never use the “P” word. Rather, they have all been PROSTITUTED by others because of poverty, and traffickers. YES, TRAFFICKERS have EXPLOITED them … Read More

Selling like pigs, but pigs cost more

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By: Kenny Sacht “THEY ARE SELLING ME LIKE PIGS, BUT PIGS COST MORE”. With tears flowing down her little cheeks as she was sobbing, Susie*, age 19, could hardly speak because she was so broken. She came with us, along with 6 other girls last week. “I AM SO SCARED TO COME, BECAUSE I AM ADDICTED TO METH”. Susie is also intimidated to leave the bar because, in her own words: “I owe a huge … Read More

Prayer Time Battle

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PLEASE SHARE NOW! REAL TIME PRAYER BATTLE: 4 lovely young ladies at the Superstar Bar have been shown an opportunity of a lifetime with free college, freedom and restoration. Celine, when asked “what is your dream; what would you study in college if you could go”. “MEDICINE”, she immediately replied. Another girl replied “NURSING’, and another exclaimed “Hotel and Restaurant Management”. Each of these wonderful young ladies wants to go to college. One girl has … Read More

Introducing Ebie – US Office

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ntroducing our first US office hire of Wipe Every Tear! Everybody, meet Ebie Harris. Her heart for the gospel is pure and we are so honored to have her here on staff. Ebie is currently seeking both monthly support and assistance with getting to the Girls Getaway trip this May. To help this wonderful world changer out, visit wipeeverytear.org, click on the donate link and support her today!