Party in Limay, Bataan

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Hello everybody from Limay, Bataan in the Philippines. It’s beautiful here! The Lord showed me a while ago that He wants to bring revival to this nation, and that local pastors will play a critical role in it. We are here in Limay with Pastor Mike, one of the first to catch this vision. Together, we are inviting the disenfranchised, those that don’t look or act like us, into the beautiful heart of God. Just … Read More

Even Here! Palawan, Philippines

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January 18, 2017 Hello Everyone, I’m here in Palawan, Philippines for the first time ever. This is a land of many islands. We’re in a guest house here. It’s so different and so very beautiful. We’re with the native peoples, the tribal people. This one church on this distant island invited us to come, so we said, “Yes!” They told me, “We want to know how to reach out to our people and the poor … Read More

Meant for Hope and a Future

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She was meant for Hope and a Future – and we are able to restore her because of your gracious gifts. This picture was taken on her first day of college! They will never again have to work in a bar again to feed their little brothers and sisters. Not a day goes by that I am not astounded by what God is doing in our girls, and how he uses people like you to … Read More

Christmas Party for Bar Girls!

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We are honored to host 80 girls in Angeles City this week, and we need your help to pull it off! The party will include a wonderful Christmas dinner, gifts, prizes, and a Christmas basket of food and goodies, as we celebrate the value of each woman and the birth of Jesus. Post by Wipe Every Tear. We’ve never attempted anything like this before and WE ASK YOU TO PRAY. Our 40 Wipe Every Tear … Read More