Labor of Love – Teton Machine Co.

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Lauren O. of Weiser, Idaho had her life impacted in a very special and particular way which, in turn, impacted ours. Isn’t it uncanny just how intricately the Lord works? In January, I received an email from Lauren and the Shipping and Receiving team at Teton Machine Co. out in Payette, ID saying that they had a gift for us and would we be willing to come and tell their company about our work and … Read More

How it all began

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There is a place in the Philippines in a one-and-a-half-mile strip where 15,000 girls are trafficked in the sex trade. Many, if not most, were deceived and tricked into the sex trade believing that they would have a good job making a good income where they would experience a good life in the big city. Now, they just need a way out. I’m Kenny, the founder of Wipe Every Tear, and we offer freedom, hope, … Read More

India Invitation

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It was a little over a year ago that I had planned a trip to India.  It had not been on my radar until I saw this video expose’, “Caged Until Broken”: In it, the terrible reality of the lives of thousands of women come to light. You will hear and see girls talking about being trafficked, abused, beaten and kept in boxes until they are brought into the submission of their captors. After I … Read More

A Worship Leader Trafficked

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We’d like to introduce you to Gerlia, a 24-year-old worship leader from rural Mindanao. She became one of thousands of human trafficking victims we’ve met recently who find themselves lost inside the sex trade of Southeast Asia. Here’s a bit of her amazing story. One day, Gerlia received word from her cousins that there was a good job waiting for her in the big city, so she boarded the first of many boats and buses … Read More

Freedom – What’s it mean to you?

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That’s what we’d like to know. We’d love to hear how you’ve experienced freedom in your life. Just respond to this blog and declare your freedom so we can celebrate with you. Whom the Son sets free is FREE, INDEED! Coach Kenny says, “Freedom to me, as a former high school teacher and basketball coach, means going to the Philippines and giving girls and women who were trapped in the sex trade a real way … Read More