Our Story

Wipe Every Tear started in a high school teacher’s classroom. As a basketball coach and father, Kenny Sacht’s heart broke during a 2007 summer mission trip with his students during a basketball outreach held in a Philippine slum. Afterward, he and his wife decided to help one impoverished girl he’d met during that time. One girl quickly became four. In 2012, Kenny quit his teaching job to dedicate all of his time to the formation of Wipe Every Tear. Our first safe house, called Hope House, was purchased and Rebecca Angeles became our Filipina Director. More women were welcomed into Hope House where they experienced freedom, security, warm meals, education, and discipleship. Through this simple act of providing a loving home, women’s lives are continuing to be restored to this day.

Our Team

Kenny Sacht

Founder/Director, USA

If he isn’t in the Wipe Every Tear office, you can find him loving his precious bride, DA, holding one of his grandbabies, or praying and worshiping God. Kenny is a Kingdom dreamer who seeks God’s vision and ushers in profound joy everywhere he goes. His love for God, people, and his passion for true restoration of hearts fuels everything Wipe Every Tear does.

Rebecca Angeles

Director, Philippines

Rebecca, lovingly known as Mama Becks, is beautifully unique in every way. She leads by example and is a true woman of faith. Because she said yes to God, countless others are experiencing newfound freedom. Thousands of women will be rescued, restored, and set free because of her maternal and bold spirit. We are so thankful for her.

Lauren Sanders

Relationships, USA

Lauren is known for her genuine heart to serve – she loves getting to know people! God has uniquely empowered her passion to champion freedom and she does so with excellence. All the way from Texas, Lauren loves building relationships with those going on our vision trips, in the Boise community, and within our staff family!

Anna Jo Young

Tayo Livelihood Program, USA

Anna Jo is our West Virginia sweetheart. We love her encouraging spirit, her heart for Kingdom, and her gentle strength. Anna Jo’s zeal and desire to run after the promises of God keeps our team inspired.

Lalyn Asuero

Outreach Coordinator, Philippines

Known for her humor and wit, Lalyn carries life and hope everywhere she goes. She lives a life of abandonment and service. As a strong leader, she has cultivated Wipe Every Tear Thailand to be a place of refuge.


Donor Relations, USA

After serving redeemed women and their children from the sex trade in Mumbai, India, the Lord brought Kathy to Wipe Every Tear. Kathy loves to connect deeply with each person she interacts with and forms deep, fruitful relationships. She trusts in the provision from her heavenly Father and is truly servant hearted! We are so grateful for her administrative gifts.

Mak Silvano

Bookkeeper, Philippines

Mak’s gentle spirit allows her to develop deep sister-like bonds with each girl that comes into our care. Her creativity inspires our girls to express themselves through art and music. Mak’s diligence is greatly appreciated by our team and significantly impacts our girls.

Luna Ramilo

Education Coordinator, Philippines

Luna is such a joyful addition to our team! Her laugh is contagious and all of our girls feel right at home beside her. Her knowledge of education allows each of our girls to get the help they need to thrive in school. We are so thankful for Luna!


International's Support & Admin, Philippines

Jordan and Jess join our team from Perth, Australia. After serving refugees in Greece, the poor in the Philippines, and women trapped in bondage in Latvia, the Lord brought them to us. We are so grateful! Jordan and Jess pour out the love of Christ to each person they meet.


Social Worker, Philippines

Tita (Aunt) Ditas is the answer to many years of prayer. Ditas lives each day with gratitude, asking the Lord, with every step, where she should serve. She is a safe refuge for women coming into our care. She quickly became an invaluable member of our team. We don’t know what we would do without her!


Livelihood Coordinator, Philippines

We are so grateful for Jorelli’s prayerful, powerful spirit. Jorelli is an initiator and motivator who deeply cares for our women. She loves to empower and help them achieve their greatest potential. We’re so thankful for her “yes” to the call of Jesus.


Administrative Assistant, Philippines

How we cherish Rhoda! We have watched as the Lord took her on a beautiful journey that lead her to come on staff with Wipe Every Tear. Rhoda is dedicated to seeing her Filipina sisters pursue their dreams. Rhoda shows how adventurous life with Jesus can be. You can find Rhoda hiking a mountain or surfing ocean waves during her personal time.


Communications Coordinator, Philippines

In 2017, God revealed His heart for His children trapped in captivity to Karissa. Months later, she joined our Filipino staff just three days after graduating college. When you get to know her, you will find that she has such a big heart for others and a desire for them to feel the Father’s love. She brings radiant joy, love and childlike faith to our team.


Intern Coordinator, Philippines

Kourtney is our gem from the South! She has the biggest heart for people. She has devoted her life to standing with those that Jesus calls us to be in community with: the least of these. She is a World Race alum and was first introduced to Wipe Every Tear during her month in the Philippines. Kourtney now coordinates Philippines Internships. We absolutely adore Kourtney!


Inner Healing Facilitator, Philippines

Ellen is a passionate woman of God, propelled by her compassionate heart. Her beautiful feet have taken her to 14 countries spanning four continents. Her greatest passion is to impart the great love of the Father and pray for restoration of people’s true identity in Christ. Her own journey through this unique path of inner healing has fueled her with great faith for this work. “It’s an honor and privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus in dark places. After all, my name means light.”


Activities Coordinaton, Philippines

Sarah began her journey with Wipe Every Tear in the spring of 2017 as an intern in our US office helping execute our Run to Restore 5K! A former collegiate athlete, Sarah is passionate about wholeness in all aspects of one’s life. She believes that every person deserves to be free and experience the healing powers of Jesus Christ. Now on our team in the Philippines, Sarah is all about being used by God to love others and set the captives free.


Want to join our team?

Wipe Every Tear is currently hiring staff for our Boise, Idaho office. We are praying for dedicated and Kingdom minded individuals to join our family!