Pray for more girls to come!

Kenny SachtBlog

Hello everybody! Kenny Sacht here in the Philippines! In just a few short minutes, we will go with precious girls who are currently exploited in the bars, on our Girls Getaway.

We just ask you to pray “more girls, more girls to come!”. Would you please pray with us? Pray that they will believe us! We declare that they will trust us. One of the biggest things we keep hearing is that they are being told we are the bad guys that we will harvest their organs, that’s the #1 lie about us. Their people trafficking them in the bars are telling them that we are the traffickers!

We are bringing life, liberty, freedom and hope with a great future.

We will take them to the beach for 5 days and 4 nights so they can be loved as they have never been loved before. When they are here, we also have a team of volunteers who come here for the sole purpose of loving these women like Jesus loves. We dine together, go on banana boats, parasail, snorkel, play volleyball, and just enjoy 5 days of freedom with them. This vacation offers a break from being bought and sold to a different man every night. It serves a moment of rest to allow them to be the sweet, fun-loving girls they are. Through all the activities during the 5 days, we love them and pray over them. We worship together and love them like they have never been loved before.

Each woman deserves to be loved, respected, honored, and dignified. She deserves freedom and a bright future. We encourage her to dream bigger than ever before.

We are so honored to get the opportunity to love these girls and show them a glimpse of the love that Jesus has for each of them. Oh, we are just so thankful for the precious women here today that we get to go on a vacation with.

Would you please pray for these girls? Pray for their hearts to be prepared for freedom and pray they will trust us. Pray they will believe what we offer!

Kenny Sacht, Founder, Wipe Every Tear