Embarking upon our 5th Girls Getaway!

Kenny SachtBlog

Good morning everybody back home and around the world! This is Kenny Sacht, live in the Philippines. We are at the hotel and the girls are here! We are getting ready to leave for our 5th annual Girl’s Getaway. It is so good! We are asking you guys out there, to pray as you are reading this! Pray that there will be still more to come! “God, wake them up, God. May they be set free, God! Awaken their souls for their freedom, oh Lord”.

For those who have been on a trip with us, you’ve seen it! You’ve seen how God just works in amazing ways! Girls are being set free! It’s just incredible.

Oh…If they can just come with us! If they can just be with us for 5 days, 4 nights, they end up believing! They end up trusting us! They don’t believe the lies that we kill, ship them, and traffic them to other nations!

Live from the city of Angels,

God Bless!

Please pray.

-Kenny Sacht, Founder, Wipe Every Tear