Tattoo Artists, Bar Girls, and Kingdom…

Kenny SachtBlog

God is doing something very, very big. We have become friends with extremely talented tattoo artists, James, and Bella. (*Names changed for the protection of their identities). We have already had so many people on our trips come and get tattoos at their shop because they really love what we do at Wipe Every Tear. Bella said “Hey Coach, a lot of my friends are bar girls but they don’t believe you. They don’t believe organizations can truly set them free from the bars. But they will believe you if James and I tell them how you are real and good people!”

So, we are calling you, Wipe Every Tear family, to pray! In a few minutes, we will make a video of James and Bella, which will be broadcasted to over 4,000-5,000 of their friends here in Angeles City, Philippines. This city alone has 15,000 women trapped in the sex trade. James and Bella can’t wait to tell the bar girls that often come in for tattoos that what we do at Wipe Every Tear is real and true! They just moved locations to a shop closer to Walking Street, where we do our outreach in the many bars that line the streets. When the bargirls’ friends tell them to trust us, they will!

James and Bella are dear friends of ours. Pray that God will use tattoo artists to bring credibility to what we are offering. So, when you read this, we ask you to pray and declare over everything God is doing here in the Philippines!

We are getting ready for the Girls Getaway where we take bar girls off to a free vacation. But they don’t trust us, because who in the world would offer a free vacation where we take you to a beach resort getaway with all transportation, food, everything paid for, plus a blessing of 500 pesos??! It just doesn’t make sense to them. They offer sounds too good to be true!

Now imagine, local tattoo artists, now joining with Wipe Every Tear saying “They are real! You can believe them!”

Pray Heaven on earth. Heaven to come. Heaven to open up on these wonderful women in the bars.

Thanks for supporting us! God is doing great things!

Excerpts from the video with James and Bella:

“We are live from a little tattoo studio on the island of the Philippines. Oh, these girls are the best girls ever. Best vacation ever. Best Jesus ever.

We are taking them on a paid vacation. Who does that but Jesus alone?!

By the way, out of the girls who go on the beach getaway, history shows us, 50-70% of those girls will trust us and believe us. 4 nights and 5 days, they can’t help but believe that maybe it is true that we will take care of them and give them an education where the sex trade will be broken once and for all! No more poverty, no more sex trade!”