Sexual Predators – Let’s Talk About It

Kenny SachtBlog, Wipe Every Tear

Director, Kenny Sacht sharing his heart from his backyard in Boise, Idaho with a team of women getting ready to go on their evening outreach to the bars in Angeles City, Philippines in July, 2017.

Hello Ladies,

I’ve been praying in the Spirit for you this morning and meditating on the goodness of God. As I was thinking about Angeles City and those precious girls out on Walking Street that you are out talking to, two things came to my mind.

Number one, just loving. I thought, Ahhh Father, maybe they’re getting a glimpse of just loving those girls! Maybe you’ve thought something like this in the past; “I’ve just hated it when I feel I have to speak a canned message to share the ‘Gospel.’” The Gospel means good news, or things that are good, and so, I think you are getting a feel for how good it is to simply love.

I know that Ann is with you. Do you realize that Ann just came out of bar work a month ago? It’s Holy Spirit! How else could this be? Guess what, ladies? We didn’t preach “the Gospel” to her, we just loved her. And here she is now helping you! She’s willing to go back into her place of sexual slavery and abuse to help us bring another girl out. Oh Jesus!

Secondly, the stronger sense I had during my prayer time was about the men; the sexual predators. You know, ladies, we don’t call them that anymore because of Holy Spirit at work in our hearts.

I remember my wife, DA, whom you will love, in Angeles City for the first time on Walking Street where those thousands of young girls are trafficked. She stood right in front of the big bar there, the Atlantis, when this intense anger started to well up inside of her toward all the men. Well, I freely admit, I’ve had that feeling too over the years and I’ve talked to many others who’ve been with us as well. It’s a very common emotion for many, especially us men. We want to take revenge or a baseball bat to their knees. We tend to want vengeance in this situation because we see other men exploiting lovely women; the women that you’ve met and had meals with, that you’ve laughed with, and maybe even cried with.

I understand the struggle you may be having, so, with this in mind, I want to tell you the vision I just had while praying for you.

I was in a bar in Angeles City much like you are, and the Lord gave me a picture of one of the guys. I thought, “There’s one of those guys!” Then the Lord showed me him when he was about two years old. That sexual predator, that old, fat guy who abuses our girls was a sweet little boy, down on the ground playing with trucks, making little truck noises, just playing. He was just a little guy; a lovely little kid. The Lord spoke to me and said, “He’s just a kid. He’s just like you. He’s broken just like you.”

Isn’t it interesting how instantly our perception turns when we see things through the eyes of God; when our heart engages with His heart toward all of us kids?

I was prompted to share this with you ladies. Maybe some of you are still out there – it’s about 12:30 a.m. where you are. I know you’ll be out there one more night and maybe, just maybe, God will use this. Please ask Holy Spirit, Oh Holy Spirit. Could you help me see these men as just men, broken like I am, and in such great need of love? When you do, I know that you will be able to love them without even talking to them. When you’re out on the street, you will walk next to them, look at them, and smile instead of shooting the scowl you may have thought they deserved moments before. I pray that you see him as that little two-year-old playing with his trucks and remember all that God has done for you. Oh, how lovely it is to feel His love.

I’m asking God to bring a wave of revival in men’s hearts because unless we can stop the demand side of the sex trade, it will go on forever. Will you join me? I believe that books will be written about a certain time in history when Holy Spirit touched down and set men free. I’m here saying, “God I’m here; I’m willing to be a part of that.” It could begin with you and me praying, then, a team of men willing to go to Angeles City. Of all people, it will be God’s men who will usher in a breaking in the hearts of others through a Holy Spirit fueled realization that they have been exploiting those they should be protecting. It’s got to be a Holy Spirit revival in the hearts of men – there’s simply no other way. We cannot convince anyone with dialog or intelligence, and definitely not by handing out tracts; that just will not work. But, I know this – love wins all the time.

So, while you’re there, will you press into this with me in prayer?

I love you guys – God bless you ladies so very much!