Labor of Love – Teton Machine Co.

Kenny SachtLauren Phillips

Lauren O. of Weiser, Idaho had her life impacted in a very special and particular way which, in turn, impacted ours. Isn’t it uncanny just how intricately the Lord works? In January, I received an email from Lauren and the Shipping and Receiving team at Teton Machine Co. out in Payette, ID saying that they had a gift for us and would we be willing to come and tell their company about our work and accept this gift? Ummmm, ya! We made a date and my husband, Dan, and I drove the hour out to beautiful Payette where we met the entire crew at Teton. What a great group of people! We were welcomed into their weekly company meeting where stats were shared and checks were being handed out.

A little bit about Teton – “We have customers in aerospace, defense, medical equipment, oil and gas exploration, firearms, scientific test equipment, and the semiconductor industries. We are a 100% employee-owned ESOP company with around 40 employees,” Lauren explained. “My father has worked for Teton for over 30 years from the bottom to his current position of president and general manager. To me, Teton feels like home because I grew up going to company picnics and hanging out with Dad at work when I had a day off from school.”

Teton has something called a 5-S challenge. It’s a bi-monthly audit of the organization in each department in five phases: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. Whichever department scores highest wins and can direct some money toward a local non-profit of their choosing. That’s where Wipe Every Tear came into the picture.

When I asked Lauren how she found out about us she explained that she went on the World Race with Adventures in Missions in 2014. After the race, in 2015, “One of my teammates from Spokane, WA was involved with AIM’s first Beauty for Ashes trip that traveled to three countries, one of them being the Philippines. She met the women of Wipe Every Tear while there, which is how I first heard of you. I looked into you a little more and was surprised to find that you were headquartered in Boise!”

“I have been an assistant high school softball coach in Weiser, ID for the last nine years and have a heart for young women. When I read about the ministry and Kenny’s story about his love for young people and coaching, I really related to it. My time as a coach gave me the opportunity to really understand, encourage, and love young women. When I think of the young women that WET works to bring out of bondage, I can’t help but think that those could just as well be those that I have been privileged to coach. That breaks my heart but also compels me to tell others about the work that Wipe Every Tear does in setting girls free from the sex trade. So, last year we invited Kenny out to receive our first 5-S donation. I am hoping that we will continue to give in the future. The 5-S challenge has definitely been a motivation for me to work hard every day so that I can contribute money to something that I really care about.”

I was so impressed with Lauren, her company that is like family, and the 5-S challenge that encourages hard work that gives back to our world-wide community! Thank you, Teton, for all that you do, and a special thanks to Lauren and the Shipping and Receiving department for your labor of excellent love.