India Invitation

Kenny SachtKenny Sacht

It was a little over a year ago that I had planned a trip to India.  It had not been on my radar until I saw this video expose’, “Caged Until Broken”: In it, the terrible reality of the lives of thousands of women come to light. You will hear and see girls talking about being trafficked, abused, beaten and kept in boxes until they are brought into the submission of their captors.

After I watched, I just sat at my laptop and cried. I was found once again, asking the heavenward question, “how can this be?  How could it be in this day and age where women would be put in a box, a little over one meter high for weeks on end, until… until she finally broke, and relented that this was the way it was going to be for her, that she would service men every night of her life, until she was used up.

I WAS INVITED by Holy Spirit to come to Calcutta, to “RECEIVE MORE OF GOD’S HEART FOR THE POOR, AS IN THE LIKES OF SISTER TERESA!” Yes, that is what he said! Last year, and recently again, he’s invited me to come.
If I’m discerning accurately the puzzle pieces before me, it appears Wipe Every Tear is going to have some part in the restoration of lovely trafficked women in India. The statistics are staggering. It’s horrendous what is happening to women and children.

“GOD TOLD ME AND MY WIFE, THAT YOU WERE THE ONE…” In his Indian accent, that’s what Romeer* told me in our recent skype video chat. He went on, “God told us to sell our car, our house, our possessions, get out of debt, and to rescue girls in the sex trade. We had no idea what the extent of it was or how we would even do that here. We have moved in with our children now. He told us he would direct us and bring people our way. And he told us to build a network of leaders who would be willing to do this…”

I have been asked by this Indian couple to come and mentor them in this thing called HUMAN TRAFFICKING. So, I secured my flights, train rides, more flights, meals and accommodations, and then a good friend in a phone call said, “Can my husband and I partner with you in this? We’ll send $5,000 today…”  God is such an abundant God, and he is passionate for women trapped in the sex trade.

I’m asking you to pray. Please ask Holy Spirit how to, and then pray and declare over me and India what he shows you. I depart Monday, January 29, and return February 20.

Thank you so very much. Because of you, the kingdom is advancing to set women free.


*To protect him and his family’s identity, Romeer is not his real name, but their passion to rescue and restore women trapped in the sex trade is.