Party in Limay, Bataan

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Hello everybody from Limay, Bataan in the Philippines. It’s beautiful here!

The Lord showed me a while ago that He wants to bring revival to this nation, and that local pastors will play a critical role in it. We are here in Limay with Pastor Mike, one of the first to catch this vision. Together, we are inviting the disenfranchised, those that don’t look or act like us, into the beautiful heart of God. Just imagine them becoming the Church within their own community!

So, our Filipina staff are here with Pastor Mike and his people throwing our first ever celebration in this province. The invitation went out to local bar girls, lady boys, and their families, and they’ve come. They are here with us right now! It’s our greatest desire to just love them, and love them justly. I wish I could show you the fun everyone’s having, but for their safety and protection, I cannot. Believe me, these girls and their children are having a wonderful time swimming, eating, laughing, and just being loved. We have all sorts of other fun things for them to take part in later on. We want this party to be one that our special guests will never forget.

We believe that God is going to set these islands free using people from all over the globe to do this. I would just ask for you to pray for us today. God is breaking things lose. This is the beginning of some great things!

God bless you guys so very, very much. From the lovely islands of the Philippines, we send you our thanks for partnering with us in setting these lovely people free from the prison of the sex trade.

– Kenny