Even Here! Palawan, Philippines

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January 18, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I’m here in Palawan, Philippines for the first time ever. This is a land of many islands. We’re in a guest house here. It’s so different and so very beautiful. We’re with the native peoples, the tribal people. This one church on this distant island invited us to come, so we said, “Yes!” They told me, “We want to know how to reach out to our people and the poor women in our communities who are being exploited.” So, last night we went out to visit the women in the bars that are being prostituted and abused. We had some conversations and showed our new friends how simple it is to just love without prejudice and offer hope and freedom.

As I walk on this property I can hear people worshiping in their own language. It’s so very good. While here, I ran across a guy who is a church planter in the tribal, unreached areas, and he said to me, “Pastor Coach,” (that’s what they call me, ha, ha) “I’m hoping that God will bring us together to advance the cause of Jesus in this land; to plant and establish churches.” We say, “Yes, Lord, have Your way!”

What astounds me is that there is a need in this remote place for release from the bondage that one human being can hold over another because of poverty and disadvantage – even here! I know without a doubt that there’s much work to be done for the freedom of the oppressed all over our beautiful planet so, thank you so much for praying for us as we reach out for Jesus in this land to set beautiful, lovely captives free.

God bless you so very, very much.