Meant for Hope and a Future

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She was meant for Hope and a Future – and we are able to restore her because of your gracious gifts. This picture was taken on her first day of college! They will never again have to work in a bar again to feed their little brothers and sisters.

Not a day goes by that I am not astounded by what God is doing in our girls, and how he uses people like you to provide for their needs. We are able to give her a clean and wonderful home, a comfortable bed, three meals a day, clothing, school tuition, uniforms, books and materials, a daily allowance, and all that she needs to be successful.

Would you consider investing in our lovely ladies? Your year-end tax deductible gift would be so appreciated. You can easily do that here:

Thank you for trusting and believing in us, as we love, nurture, and disciple our precious young women.

Oh how I thank God for you.


Kenny Sacht
Executive Director