Prayer Time Battle

Kenny SachtBlog

PLEASE SHARE NOW! REAL TIME PRAYER BATTLE: 4 lovely young ladies at the Superstar Bar have been shown an opportunity of a lifetime with free college, freedom and restoration. Celine, when asked “what is your dream; what would you study in college if you could go”.

“MEDICINE”, she immediately replied. Another girl replied “NURSING’, and another exclaimed “Hotel and Restaurant Management”.

Each of these wonderful young ladies wants to go to college. One girl has 3 years of college, but they all must sell their bodies to men just to survive.

If you pray, please do so now for the next 12+ hours for God to touch their hearts and give them a sound mind to think clearly.

Celine said “I get off work at 5:30 a.m. and it takes me 1 1/2 hours to go home. I sleep for only 3 hours and then come back to work…”

PLEASE PRAY RIGHT NOW. It is 2:16 in the morning here and we are praying and worshipping over these precious daughters and asking God to do more miracles in touching these young women.

As you pray, let us know what God is showing you, or how he is directing you to pray.